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  1. Did you know the melody for The Beatles’ humongous hit “Yesterday” came to Paul McCartney in a dream? No, me neither until our friend Catherine at Cup-O-T: Wellness and Therapy Services told us. But surely if there is ever a fact to show what amazing feats can come from a good night’s sleep - that’s it! 

    Sleep, or rather lack of it, is something we know all too well about here at Kiss Air Candles and we know we’re not the only ones working all hours and watching every hour of the night tick by. So with March 16th being World Sleep Day, and in the interest in trying to get a better nights kip, we asked Catherine for some of her best tips…. oh, and also created a brand new candle!

    One of Catherine’s top tips for getting a good night’s sleep is to learn how to relax your mind and body and suggests having a warm bath with a scented lavender candle before bed. Perfect news! At Kiss Air we not only love a bath but also offer a strongly scented lavender candle which will certainly fill the bathroom! Unfortunately, lavender is very much a marmite scent where you even like it or you don’t, and for those who don’t - say hello to Sleepyhead!

    sleepyhead candle

    Sleepyhead is our brand new spanking soy wax candle laced with calming camomile, relaxing lavender and sweet vanilla. A much more rounded fragrance that mellows the lavender tones but still has all the aromatherapy punch to help you unwind!

    But if you’re still a definite no to all things lavender (or more of a shower person!), Catherine also gave the below tips for a better night’s shuteye:

    1. Don’t nap!  Napping tends to do more damage than good.  If you feel sleepy in the day try getting up and walking about, get some fresh air or do something challenging for a short while e.g. a puzzle, Sudoku.
    2.  If you’re not tired – get up!  Don’t lie there worrying or trying to force yourself to sleep - this will only make it harder.  Get up and make yourself a hot (non-caffeinated or sugary drink. E.g. hot milk) then return to bed once you feel sleepier.  If you have an important day coming and lots on your mind, write a list so that you know you have everything covered and don’t have to keep all the information in your head.
    3. Lifestyle.  Eating healthier and having regular exercise increase the quality of your sleep and make you naturally tired.  Eating wholegrain rice, oats and dairy contain chemicals that increase your desire to sleep.  However don’t eat a big meal or exercise near to bedtime, your body will be processing the food and creating energy or still contain high levels of adrenaline.
    4. Relaxing…Don’t stress it – thinking about sleep or trying to force yourself to sleep will only keep you awake longer.  Progressive relaxation, mindfulness and breathing exercises are ways to relax your mind and body whilst lying in bed.
    5. Environment – You should only associate your bedroom with sleep and sex!  Remove all electronics, try not to watch TV or look at electronic devices at least an hour before sleeping, the blue light suppresses melatonin, the hormone needed to make you sleepy.  The amount of noise, light and distractions in your bedroom, as well as the temperature will affect your sleep so keep a sleep diary to see if you can identify what environment (lighter/darker, warmer/colder) helps you sleep better.

    So there you have it, five tops tips to try and help you get through World Sleep Day feeling rested, refreshed and relaxed.

    Until next time, have a scent-sational day!

    ~ Laura

    About Cup-O-T: Wellness and Therapy Services: Cup-O-T: Wellness and Therapy Services is an independent Occupational Therapy practice working with people aged 14+ in rural areas of the UK to manage their mental wellness through activity and their daily occupations.  Catherine is a registered Occupational Therapist and passionate about making access to mental wellness support at an early stage available to all people, regardless of their location or level of need.

     Image credit: Kate Ballamy at

  2. Ah, my favourite time of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total summer baby who hates the cold, wind, rain and dark nights - but there is something about those winter nights spent hugging a hot chocolate whilst snuggled on the sofa wrapped up in the softest of fleeces whilst the festive, indulgent aroma of Christmas flickers from a lit candle.

    christmas 2017_5_smlHere at Kiss Air, it will come as no surprise that the winter months are our busiest. Our candles make the perfect treat for yourself, last minute stocking filler, personalised gift for that someone who is always hard to buy for or secret Santa pressie for the office newbie you pulled out of hat and have never even spoken to!

    So we are about to fulfil all your treat, filler and pressie needs by spending weekend after weekend at different Christmas fairs bringing the scent of Christmas to you. And boy, do we have the some scents of Christmas for you….

    Our candles smell exactly as they say on jar, so when we call a candle Gingerbread…. it smells just like fresh from the oven gingerbread! And you guys agree! We like to vary our Christmas range bringing in new scents but with this candle being the top Christmas seller for the past 4 years, we simply had to bring it back again!

    Also, back for its second year in the Kiss Air Christmas range is our fabulously unique, mouth-watering delicious Chocolate Orange! Everybody’s favourite Christmas choccie literally flew off the shelves last year, selling out before our last event, so you’ll be happy to hear we’ve made sure we have extra stock for this year. 

    Next up is a brand new fragrance which could actually be my favourite of all. Anyone who knows me knows I’m partial to a biscuit or two (…. or the packet!) and our Christmas Biscuits candle whacks you in the face with freshly baked biscuits… Malted Milk biscuits with a hint of nutmeg in my opinion, and who doesn’t love a Malted Milk biscuit?! I know Santa does! Mum always used to leave Santa a few Malted Milk biscuits next to his glass of milk and carrots for the reindeer on Christmas Eve, and the next morning they were always gone!! *

    No Christmas range would be complete without the “marmite” of all Christmas scents, Christmas Tree. You either love or hate this one but we’ve tried and tested many variations and we believe we’ve found the perfect earthy, woody, pine scent that is more tree than disinfectant!

    And last but certainly not least, another newbie to the collection is Festive Cranberry. Perfect for those traditionalists who would prefer a more subtle, fresh and festive aroma of rich, fruity cranberries. So far this one has gone down very well and it’s no surprise, it really is Christmas in a jar!

    brussel sproutWe also have a new addition to Christmas this year. Our totally humorous “….because it’s brussel sprout season” tumbler candle. We all know that one person who overdoses on the sprouts to not only bring down the tone of the day, but also prompts the obligatory scented candle to come out of hiding! We also have our “….because (insert name) farted” personalised candle which really is a perfect pressie for the farter in your life, and the sufferer of those said farts!!

    We added events on our Facebook page for all the Christmas fairs where you’ll find a Kiss Air stall this Christmas, so do check them out and pop along if you can.

    Until next time, have a scent-sational Christma! 

    ~ Laura

    * Okay, okay! It was me! I ate the biscuits! I’m sorry mum! I used to creep out of bed, tiptoed down the stairs, quietly prise the living room door open and stuffed my little round face with every biscuit you left on that table! I’m sorry but I swear I never, absolutely never, went near the presents. Nope, I never poked them, shook them, unwrapped them and scruffily taped them back up again. Never!

  3. When September rolls around and summer slips away into the distance, we’re left looking longingly behind us. But autumn has its own charms, and aligning your décor to the changing seasons can ease you into the colder months with a feeling of comfort and content.

    So, as we bid the summer months goodbye, it’s a positive step to reflect this seasonal shift and readying your home for autumn is simple when you know where to begin. Here we’ve put together some of our best tips.

    hartleys beech

    Fall back into an earthy colour scheme

    Your interior may well be peppered with vibrant and summery cushions, lighting, table-wear and accessories right now, but as autumn arrives, think about changing up your decorations.

    Earthy tones work well at this time of year, so consider substituting the bold yellows and pinks of August for soft tones of brown and green. Metallic touches of copper and gold add warmth, offering a gentle glow, perfect for the time of year. You can begin to bring in blankets, rugs and throws too – which will help to instil the autumn colour scheme whilst offering extra layers for the colder temperatures.

    Refill the flower containers

    As the vast array of summer blooms begins to wane, you’ll need to rethink your floral arrangements and a simple inexpensive solution is on hand. Those bright and colourful bouquets can be exchanged for more subtle shades using pinecones, crunchy leaves, and woven plant pots – natural decorative touches that invite the new season indoors. 

    Light and scents

    As the nights draw in and we begin to lose the natural light we’ve enjoyed so much over the past six months, you’ll need new light sources to illuminate your indoor spaces. Lamps are a quick fix, but to really transform bedrooms and down stairs living spaces, consider fitted furniture with built-in lighting features that can be dimmed to set the mood.

    Complement these lights with candles to create an atmospheric setting for during the colder months, helping the room to both look and feel warmer. Musky scents work well for the living room, giving your interior a reassuringly cosy aroma from now right through winter.

    Opt for warmer textures

    To add snugness in the chillier evenings, consider how you can incorporate comforting textures into your bedroom and living room. Change your bedding for something a little thicker, layer up with varied textures and select rich tones and velvety surfaces for your cushions and comforters. Sheepskin rugs and faux fur throws will also work wonders when it comes to creating a fine autumn ambience.

    Autumn can be just as inspiring for your décor as summer; it simply takes a little more creativity. Follow these tips to transform key rooms in your home ahead of the cooler months, from simply tweaks to lasting changes. Hartleys offer stylish bespoke furniture for every season and have experts on hand for guidance whenever you need it. For more ideas, see us at or visit our Skipton showroom.

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