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  1. Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day: Three days of the calendar year that are renowned for the number of marriage proposals. Not everyone would have got the answer they were hoping for (second time lucky??) but for the vast majority, they are about to embark on the biggest event planning of their lifetime!

    Many ladies will already have an idea of their perfect day considering it is probably something they have dreamed about since childhood, and so you can bet that no wedding is ever the same as another. With this in mind, here at Kiss Air we delighted and honoured to be able to make your special day even more special with our unique and personalised range of wedding candles.

    tl borderOur maxi glass tealights are our most popular product amongst brides (you may have even spotted them in the February edition of Wedding Ideas) and it’s not hard to see why; Each tealight is fragranced with one of our fabulous scents, personalised with your guests name and finished with its own organza bag, so not only are they a great wedding favour, they make a perfect table place setting too!

    To deal with sheer amount of planning involved in creating your day, every bride needs a good set of bridesmaids by her side! And is there a better way of asking your BFF to be your bridesmaid than with a gorgeously scented, brightly coloured Will You Be My Bridesmaid candle that they can keep as a memento? For just £6 each we certainly don’t think so!

    Of course, many would be too excited to let a candle ask your  bestie the important question and just 5 mins after shouting “YES” in your soon to be hubbies face, you were probably on the phone sorting out all sorts of BBF/bridesmaid duties. But do not worry, you can also get a “thank you for being my bridesmaid” personalised candle which is the perfect gift for Bridesmaid boxes. 

    But what about the bride and groom themselves? All these lovely, personalised gifts for guest to remember the wild party you threw, but surely the new Mr and Mrs would like something? Our personalised wedding candle is classily simple and says all it needs too – the happy couples married name and anniversary date. A special and unique gift to celebrate your unforgettable day that if it isn’t already on your wedding pressie list, it definitely should be! 

    If we can help with anything while you plan your big day, we're happy to help - so feel free to drop us a line.

    ~ Laura

  2. Ah Valentine’s day. Every single girls worst nightmare right? A night where we all sit, crying into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s watching Bridget Jones’s Diary for the umpteenth time? I don’t think so! As a single lady here’s how I’ll be “joining in”:


    1. My favourite dinner is pretty much anything I don’t have to cook so this Valentine’s I will be having my favourite takeaway place on speed dial. Not to mention names, but Valentine’s falls on Tuesday this year and they do a great Two for Tuesday deal!
    2. Pop the prosecco. Pizza and prosecco – the perfect combination and in my opinion totally medicinal! There hasn’t been a problem or ailment that pizza and prosecco hasn’t cured for me so if you’ve got the sniffles, you know what to do!
    3. Cuddle up on the sofa with Dot and Bert. There is absolutely no love better and more genuine than the love from your fur babies. That is a fact!
    4. If you haven’t tried our new bath melts then make sure you do! Words can’t describe just how irresistibly soft the cocoa butter in these beauties makes your skin feel. (FYI - order today and spend £15 or more and we’ll treat you to your own super cute little Valentine’s gift!) So I’ll be finishing my night with a relaxing, candle-lit bath.

    So there you go! That’s how I’ll be spending my Valentine’s day – what are you doing?

    ~ Laura

  3. Being candle makers you can probably guess that Louise and I like anything “smelly” so when we were offered the chance to make our very own perfume from our SBS friends, The Perfume Studio, we naturally grabbed it with both hands!

    After a couple of busy days and late nights in Birmingham attending conferences and networking (which tended to happen over many drinks in the hotel bar!), we excitedly made our way to the Macdonald Burlington Hotel in the centre of Birmingham on Saturday morning where the “experience” was taking place. If I had to describe this hotel in one word it would be grand -for any Monday night ITV viewers, think The Halcyon and you’ll get a pretty good idea of the interior of the hotel. 

    Oncwe found our way to the dining room we were welcomed with a big smile and a glass of fizz from our “teacher” Sara, and took a seat at one of the tables which hosted small bags of coffee beans which when smelt, would act as a bit of a cleanser to “clear” our noses so we could smell the different fragrances better.

    Things soon got under way with Sara and her helpers passing around scent sticks fragranced with different base notes. Base notes make the first layer of any fragrance whether it be for candles or perfume, and we were given 12 of them to smell. These base notes are the scents that linger the longest (so always good to ensure you pick ones you really like!) and although you could just choose one as the base of your perfume, we were encouraged to try mixing and blending notes together to see if we could come up with something even more likable.

    Next up were the middle notes and these are the scents that linger for a medium about of time. Again, we were handed several scent sticks with middle notes fragrances which we mix and matched with our base notes and other middle tones to come up with a scrumptious, unique smell we liked.

    Finally, out came to top notes. These are the scents that hit you nose the first but don’t tend to hang around very long. Again, we mixed, matched, swapped out, swapped back in what seemed like endless amounts of base, middle and top notes to find the right blend we wanted for our personalised perfume.  

    the perfume studio_borderAfter a couple of hours of hitting and poking my nose with countless scent sticks, my experimenting was complete! In my hand I had the scent sticks I had finally decided as our favourite combination and was soon waving them under Louise’s noses for her opinion (luckily she liked it otherwise I would have had to go back to square one - big sisters opinion is everything!). Not long after, Sara and her helpers worked their magic and I was suddenly in possession of a 5ml bottle of my very own perfume!

    At the time I was way too scared to unscrew the bottle top and smell my perfume just in case it didn’t smell like the scent sticks did but I didn’t have to worry. Once in the car on our way back to Kiss Air HQ I unscrewed that bottle top and was met with my very own, perfect perfume which I imaginitively called My Perfume, that I adore and have worn every day since!

    The Perfume Studio experiences are available around the country and some include Afternoon Tea too or you can have a go and Create at Home with their fabulous kits. I can’t recommend the experience enough, so if you get the chance… make sure you grab it with both hands! 

    ~ Laura

  4. Back in June 2014, it was a privilege to have entrepreneur, small business champion and ex-Dragons Den star Theo Paphitis personally pick Kiss Air Candles to join his Small Business Sunday initiative. The SBS scheme is a fabulous platform; not only does it allow you to connect and form relationships with other SBS winners but Theo also holds a FREE annual conference where valuable experience, advice and networking offered and this year was no different!

    The 2017 conference was held at the ICC in Birmingham and it was Louise and I's third time of attending (we’ve been every year since we won and plan on doing so!) and once again we have returned inspired and motivated. Each conference has brought different guest speakers including Holly Tucker of Not on the High Street, Judy Naake who bought St Tropez fake tan to the UK and Rob Fourkan who founded Gandy's with his brother after losing their parents in the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 who tell their tales of rags to riches followed by a Q&A session. This year we were delighted to hear from Jodine Boothby from Gummee Glove (a SBS winner herself who now has cracked the £1million turnover point!), entrepreneur Deborah Meaden of Dragons Den and Strictly coming Dancing fame, John Mills (founder of JML) and of course, Theo himself.

    Running a small business isn’t an easy task. In fact, it is so hard that the majority of small businesses fail within their first two years of trading! It’s true, Theo said! He was also quick and firm to say that there is no “silver bullet” that instantly turns a small business into a successful multi-million pound machine, it’s all down to HARD WORK… and a little luck!! We work really hard and have our share of amazing ups and crushing downs ant that’s why it is so refreshing and inspiring to hear from the likes of Jodine, Deborah, John and Theo who have all experienced the similar worries, setbacks and mini triumphs that we have. 

    We are soon to be in our fourth year of trading and of course, we have worked extremely hard over those four years to be where we are today but we also know this wouldn’t be possible without you! We know how easy it is to pick up a candle from your local shop (or even supermarket when doing the weekly food shop) or buy from the bigger known brands, but the fact you choose not to do this and instead support our small, family run business is something we appreciate incredibly so THANK YOU.

    As always we are continuing to work hard to bring new must-have scents and products to our shelves but we do love to hear from you so we can try to fulfil your candle cravings! If you have any suggestions or feedback (good or bad – we love to know what we are doing well and what we need to improve!) for us please do pop a comment below or contact us directly.

    Again, THANK YOU!

    ~ Laura 

  5. Chocolate and cake: two of Kiss Air Candles favourite things and lucky for us the two combine today for National Chocolate Cake Day!

    Whilst we typically buy our cakes from Mr Marks & Spencer, we totally believe that you can’t beat the homemade variety and so with a little help from one of our very talented baker friends at Jennies Cakes, we are delighted to share a chocolate cake recipe that looks, smells and tastes absolutely amazing!

    chocolate cake candleFor the sponge:

    4 large eggs

    200g self-raising flour

    50g coco powder

    250g caster sugar

    250g room temperature butter

    For the chocolate ganache icing:

    200 ml double cream

    200g plain chocolate, broken into small pieces

    You'll also need: Two 8” deep sandwich tins, greased and lined with non-stick baking paper 

    1. Preheat the oven to 160c.

    2. Beat together the butter and caster sugar until light and fluffy.

    3. Add in eggs, coco and flour.

    4. Mix until nice and smooth.

    5. Turn into prepared tins and level.

    6. Bake for 30-35 mins or until shrinking away from the side of the tin. The sponge should be springy to the touch. You can also use a knife to dip in the centre of the cake and if it comes out clean then it is baked.

    7. Turn out on to wire rack and leave to cool right side up.

    8. While the cake is cooling make the ganache. Heat the cream until just boiling, take off the heat and add in the chopped chocolate and gently stir until the chocolate has completely been incorporated. The mixture should have a nice gloss. Leave to cool until spreadable.

    9. Once all cooled spread a thick layer of chocolate ganache on one of the sponges, then place the other sponge on top. Cover the cake with the remainder of the ganache.

    Our favourite way to enjoy it…warm with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. It’s total heaven on a plate!

    chocolate cake candleAs always, we like to look after everyone and we know that many of you will still be going strong on those New Year diets and so choccie cake is a huge no-no! We would therefore like to excitedly introduce you to our new scent launching in March…. Chocolate Cake! Yep, all the chocolate cake without the calories! You’re welcome! And if you haven’t already, make sure you sign up to our newsletter to hear when it launches.

    If you’re celebrating National Chocolate Cake Day, we’d love to know what type of choccie cake you opted for. Comment below!

    ~ Laura