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  1. Stockist in the Spotlight: The Honey Pot Gift Store

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    It's time to meet anoter of Kiss Air Candles fabulous stockists, so today we chat with Chloe of The Honey Pot Gift Store in Newbridge.

    Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today Chloe. To start off, tell us when and why you wanted to open a candle shop?

    The Honey Pot Gift Store opened on 3rd November 2014 and is located in a small and friendly close community village in Newbridge, South Wales. I wanted to open the shop as I have been brought up around businesses as a child, and I have always been interested from a younger age in having my own gift shop. My father was a part business owner of two family run Businesses in Newbridge for over 30 years with his parents and sister. These were a DIY shop and furniture shop, in the same village and street that I now have The Honey Pot in. I have always known the area, village and community. 

    the honey pot gift store newbridge


    What will customers find in your shop? 

    Customers will find a large selection of lovely gifts that will suit any occasion. The shop stocks a large selection of beautiful scented bath bombs, soaps, and hand wrapped gift sets. I have a large range of small sentimental gifts including, plaques, hearts, cushions, saving pots and bottles. The shop also stocks a large selection of Joma Jewellery London mainly their  'A little' bracelet collection. I also have a lovely selection of gift bags, and hand designed cards.

    What is the best thing about running your shop?

    The best part about running the shop is seeing, talking and interacting with my lovely loyal customers who make every day worth while. Their custom is what keeps the shop going and for that I am highly great full without them the shop wouldn't be here. 

    What is your favourite candle scent?

    Now that is difficult one as I love every single one of the scents as they are so unique and unusual. My favourite Kiss Air candle scent has to be out of the amazing cocktail hour fragrances Peach Bellini. It smells so fresh, fruity and burns so evenly. However, Frozen Margarita has to be a very close second.

    What is a typical day like for you?

    A typical day for me in the shop is meeting and greeting the lovely close nit community of Newbridge. Seeing lovely customers all day, and making lots of lovely new gift sets up. I am constantly rearranging the shop and moving stock around to make the shop inviting and new for my customers. 

    What is your greatest achievement so far?

    I think my greatest achievement so far has firstly been to open the shop and to get it up and running at the age of 21. But now the main achievement has to be that after 16 months the shop is still up and running and doing really well. I am constantly introducing new stock into the shop and slowly building the Buisness up day by day. 

    What’s next for you and your shop?

    Well I hope that the shop will continue to grow like is has this past year. I will hopefully be introducing new stock constantly into the shop trying to build the Buisness up. Hopefully in the future I would love to open another Honey Pot somewhere. 

    Thanks so much Chloe - it sounds like there is lots of exciting things happening!

    You can visit The Honey Pot Gift Store at 4 Griffiths Buildings, Victoria Terrace, Newbridge, NP11 4EX 

  2. Stockist in the Spotlight: The Candela Shop

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    Kiss Air Candles are appearing in boutiques all over the UK and we thought it would be nice to meet some of our fabulous stockists. So, kicking off the series we chat with Saffron Bradshaw of The Candela Shop in Nottinghamshire.


    Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today Saffron. To start off, tell us when and why you wanted to open a candle shop?

    I wanted to open a candle shop as I felt I had really found a gap in the market. When you think about it, candles are a much loved accessory in many homes and you can buy the big global brands from a shelf on a high street or there are very high end candle shops. I felt I had actually discovered some amazing, hand poured in the UK candles at very reasonable prices but you could only actually purchase them online, which isn't the best place for a scented candle. Yes, there are many gift shops that sell a small selection but Candles are a luxury and deserve to be showcased in such a way and not to mention the fact that the majority of people are unaware of soy wax and its amazing qualities. I opened The Candela Shop to bring these wonderful candles all under one roof and to educate people as there is a lot more to a candle than you might think!

    What will customers find in The Candela Shop?

    The Candela Shop specialises in soy wax candles, wax melts and home fragrance. We have a pick and mix wax melt table that is constantly changing and evolving and our customers just love them! We have candles from suppliers all over the UK and Ireland which are all small independent suppliers and each unique in their own way.

    What is the best thing about running The Candela Shop?

    I have learnt so much about candles! To be able to pass this on to fellow candle lovers who love candles as much as me is priceless and a service that I love to offer. I feel like I'm on a mission to tell the world about soy wax!

    What is your favourite Kiss-Air Candles fragrance?

    By far my favourite fragrance of all time is Peonies in Bloom. I must admit, I spend too much of my time sniffing candles and melts but Peonies is just amazing. I'm definitely a floral girl when it comes to my home fragrance.

    What is a typical day like for you?

    One fear that I had when I opened the shop was that I might be lonely. I have always worked as a team so I thought I’d miss the office environment but my day is far from lonely! I have built up a great customer base and I'm also working with Beeston businesses and collaborating with lots of other local companies. My day consists of lots of planning and organising for how The Candela Shop will move forward and how I will spread the word about soy wax.

    What is your greatest achievement so far?

    Actually giving up my secure job to go for it with The Candela Shop has got to be top of the list. Opening a business like this isn't easy. It’s a whole load of work before hand and it continues to be all consuming for a long time after but I did it anyway and I have not got a single regret.

    What’s next for The Candela Shop?

    My main aim for The Candela Shop is to become an established part of Beeston and then Nottingham. The Candela Shop will continue to grow, change and evolve and will hopefully become a reputable candle shop. When you are selling products like Kiss Air that you 100% believe in, the rest is easy. I know that all of my products do exactly what my customer is expecting and more as I have tested every single one and if it didn't do the job, it didn't go on my shelf. The Candela Shop is a way of bringing these amazing candles to the candle lovers with a service and knowledge to match.

    You can find The Candela Shop in Stoney Street, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, NG9 2LA.