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Fancy some Tea & Cake?

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Whenever I think relax I think three things: sofa, tea and cake! Very British of me I know but everyone knows a good sit down and cuppa tea soon rids those stresses of the day and with the average person drinking 2-3 cups of the good stuff a day - it seems I’m not the only one. So it may come of no surprise that mine (and many others!) favourite pastime has evolved into Kiss Air’s new Summer candle range – the Tea & Cake collection!

tea borderNow the cake side of this is truly spectacular! When I was a kid my mum would often take me into the local bakery to buy my favourite “marshmallow stuffed ice cream cone topped with sprinkles” treat and the smell of that bakery from all those sweet goodies was just heavenly. These cake candles do just the same, as soon as that fragrance hits you’re nose you’ll never want to lose it.

First up is Jam Sponge and it’s our take on a classic British cake, Victoria Sponge, so you can expect the scent of vanilla sponge smothered in sweet raspberry jam to fill your house when burning the candle.

And last but by no means least, Chocolate Cake! Now this scent is indulgent and, like all our candles, it smells just like the real thing so it’ll soon have your mouth-watering!

And finally, Lemon Drizzle, this scented candle has been in range for a while and with good reason with its delicious scent of lemon syrup, poppyseed, and brown sugar all sitting on base notes of marshmallow fluff and vanilla cake batter.

Don’t know about you, but all of a sudden I’m craving cake….

The cake candles really are the most on point imitations of the real thing that you’ll ever find. But we understand that some people need some light, fresh alternatives to counter those cosy, comforting, indulgent scents and that is exactly what the tea candles do.

I cannot big up the Fresh Mint Tea candle enough! This is perfect for Spring/Summer – a real uplifting, refreshing, clean scent of crushed mint leaves and white tea. It really is a cleanse the pallet kind of candle and will certainly give that cooling impression when the hot Summer evenings roll round.

Earl Grey Tea is yet another British classic that we had to include in this range. The bergamot infused black tea has been drunk in Britain since the 1920s so has more that stood the test of time. With its subtly sweet and zesty scent we’re hoping this candle will be just as popular as the real thing.

So there you have it! A real British inspired collection from a proud to be British candle company.

I'd love to know what your tea and cake combo will be, so leave me a comment below. 

~ Laura

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