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Ready Your Home For Autumn With Hartleys Rooms

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When September rolls around and summer slips away into the distance, we’re left looking longingly behind us. But autumn has its own charms, and aligning your décor to the changing seasons can ease you into the colder months with a feeling of comfort and content.

So, as we bid the summer months goodbye, it’s a positive step to reflect this seasonal shift and readying your home for autumn is simple when you know where to begin. Here we’ve put together some of our best tips.

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Fall back into an earthy colour scheme

Your interior may well be peppered with vibrant and summery cushions, lighting, table-wear and accessories right now, but as autumn arrives, think about changing up your decorations.

Earthy tones work well at this time of year, so consider substituting the bold yellows and pinks of August for soft tones of brown and green. Metallic touches of copper and gold add warmth, offering a gentle glow, perfect for the time of year. You can begin to bring in blankets, rugs and throws too – which will help to instil the autumn colour scheme whilst offering extra layers for the colder temperatures.

Refill the flower containers

As the vast array of summer blooms begins to wane, you’ll need to rethink your floral arrangements and a simple inexpensive solution is on hand. Those bright and colourful bouquets can be exchanged for more subtle shades using pinecones, crunchy leaves, and woven plant pots – natural decorative touches that invite the new season indoors. 

Light and scents

As the nights draw in and we begin to lose the natural light we’ve enjoyed so much over the past six months, you’ll need new light sources to illuminate your indoor spaces. Lamps are a quick fix, but to really transform bedrooms and down stairs living spaces, consider fitted furniture with built-in lighting features that can be dimmed to set the mood.

Complement these lights with candles to create an atmospheric setting for during the colder months, helping the room to both look and feel warmer. Musky scents work well for the living room, giving your interior a reassuringly cosy aroma from now right through winter.

Opt for warmer textures

To add snugness in the chillier evenings, consider how you can incorporate comforting textures into your bedroom and living room. Change your bedding for something a little thicker, layer up with varied textures and select rich tones and velvety surfaces for your cushions and comforters. Sheepskin rugs and faux fur throws will also work wonders when it comes to creating a fine autumn ambience.

Autumn can be just as inspiring for your décor as summer; it simply takes a little more creativity. Follow these tips to transform key rooms in your home ahead of the cooler months, from simply tweaks to lasting changes. Hartleys offer stylish bespoke furniture for every season and have experts on hand for guidance whenever you need it. For more ideas, see us at or visit our Skipton showroom.

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